Image Component with Next.js

This page demonstrates the usage of the next/image component with live examples.

This component is designed to automatically optimize images on-demand as the browser requests them.


The layout property tells the image to respond differently depending on the device size or the container size.

Select a layout below and try resizing the window or rotating your device to see how the image reacts.


The placeholder property tells the image what to do while loading.

You can optionally enable a blur-up placeholder while the high resolution image loads.

Try it out below (you may need to disable cache in dev tools to see the effect if you already visited):

Internal Image

The following is an example of a reference to an internal image from the public directory.

This image is intentionally large so you have to scroll down to the next image.

Azure logo

External Image

The following is an example of a reference to an external image at

External domains must be configured in next.config.js using the domains property.

Static Web Apps overview

Learn More

You can optionally configure a cloud provider, device sizes, and more!

Checkout the Image Optimization documentation to learn more.